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Inov Electric is a Romanian company founded in 2008 having as main business the development of technical projects for electrical installations and capacities. We look for Inov Electric to establish in the forthcoming years as one of the main service provider for the Romanian energy market and, last but not least, as an important partner for the producers, through our consultancy and operational service.

About the company

Inov Electric is a Romanian company founded in 2008 having as main business the development of technical projects for electrical installations and capacities.

In 2012 the company was bought by an Austrian entrepreneur, who brought in the experience and innovativeness of the IT sector from its Austrian company WHT Hagmann KG.

The group increased subsequently with CDC Visual Network S.R.L., a company specialized in R&D developing research studies focusing the concepts of GIS, Smart Grid and Romanian Solar prognosis. The studies were conducted for Transelectrica, the national energy transporter of Romania, and Electrica SA the main energy distributor of Romania.

The 3 companies are collaborating since September 2012 in order to assist our customers with specialized consultancy and provide them the most efficient technologies.

Inov Electric’s portfolio:

• Consultancy: focusing the integration on the market of the new renewable energy producers and enabling them the access to the Green Certificate compensation program;

• General contracting: focusing the development of photovoltaic farms through a complete client service, covering all project phases (starting with the necessary land permits and ending with a fully valid renewable energy producer)

• Technical certification Solar and Wind Power Plants:

  • Case studies for determining the reactive power needed in the point of common coupling 
  • Studies regarding the posibility of island mode operation for power plants
  • Tests for acquiring the technical certifications
    • Ensuring a 0 reactive power exchange between the power plant and the power grid when there is no active power generation
    • Normal operations recording
    • Power Plant operation during disconnect/reconnect
    • Assessment of data exchange between the Power Plant and
    • Power Quality assessment in the point of common coupling
    • Ensuring a power factor between 0,9 inductive and 0,9 capacitive at P=Pi in the point of common coupling
    • Other tests and measurements required by the distribution/transport and based on the total installed power
  • Technical certification dossier consulting

• Determining and optimising the solutions for transient regime elimination :

  • Transient recovery voltage modeling and measurements
  • Transient regime measurements in installations with rotating machines, low power inductive/capacitive loads from industrial sector and/or power generation applications, power consumption, including drilling installations, gas lamination, water and thermal agent
  • Determining the operating regime for power installations in dynamic conditions
  • Operating optimisation for power installations operating with variable and non-symetrical load
  • Power load curves determination for industrial, residential and tertiary consumers
  • Optimisation for power factor installations with harmonic filters
  • Optimised solutions for power installations operation.

• Design Services :

  • Case studies of grid connection solutions for electricity producers and consumers
  • Technical projects (PT+CS+DE) for power systems installations
  • Technical projects for solar power plants

• Experts report and special measurements in Power Systems Installations :

  • Experts report for primary equipment from medium and high voltage power stations: circuit breakers, disconnectors, power transformers, measuring transformer, power cables
  • Measurements to determine the technical and functional state of the atmospheric and switching overvoltage protection installations
  • Grounding installation experts report using direct injection method and maintenance operations optimisation
  • Power quality measurements over medium and long periods of time
  • Determination of the critical spots and thermal anomalies within the power stations and grids using methods of nondestructive testing (thermal vision)
  • Partial discharge level assessment on the high voltage equipment and power lines
  • Electric equipment predictive maintenance operations optimisation using aging curves
  • Power lines insulator chains inspection using GPS technologies as integrated part of Smart Grid
  • General efficiency and equipment efficiency measurement for solar power plants

As a General Contractor, Inov Electric accounted:

• 2.000 kWp – completed on-grid photovoltaic projects

• 4.800 kWp – on-grid photovoltaic projects in development

• 200 kWp – first off-grid photovoltaic project developed in Romania, in the Danube Delta reservation (nominated as the Renewable Energy Initiative at the Romanian Energy Awards 2013)

Inov Electric uses the technology provided by SMA (inverters, web boxes, multiclusters), Renesola Deutschland (photovoltaic panels), Rolls Battery (storage), Cablel Romania (cables and wiring) and other third party producers.

We believe that the elements which make the difference between Inov Electric and its competitors (many of them with a larger experience on the Romanian market) are mainly:

• Our team professionalism, experience and reliability

• Our satisfied customers

• The innovative ideas that we dare to put in practice for our customers

• Our unique consultancy and operational services

• Our international experience

• Our partners

We look for Inov Electric to establish in the forthcoming years as one of the main service provider for the Romanian photovoltaic market and, last but not least, as an important partner for the producers, through our consultancy and operational service.

Our Certification

Our Inovations

Weather Station Supply, Maritime Institute, Black Sea Coast Romania-Bulgaria

  • The proposed theme was to create a reliable technical model meant to ensure the permanent consumption of isolated weather stations located under difficult conditions and subject to unstable weather conditions, along the Black Sea coast.
  • The Inov Electric solution was the creation 500 Wp photovoltaic modules with built-in storage and compact design, the reliability of which has proven to be particularly satisfying.

Off-grid photovoltaic park Gura Portitei, Danube Delta

  • We pride ourselves on the first off-grid capacity photovoltaic project in Romania, developed for the Gura Portitei tourist base in the Danube Delta area, in Tulcea County. The installed power of 224 kWp and the associated storage system was designed to ensure full day-time consumption of the base (including consumption in accommodation, kitchens, ACs) as well as ambient lighting at night.
  • SMA equipment for insular photovoltaic projects, special three-phase clusters and not less than 80 accumulators were used for this purpose.
gura portitei

New Projects

  • Elaboration of solution studies for the connection of the producers to the medium and 110 kV network for the E Distribution Zone Muntenia and E Dobrogea Distribution (framework contract and development contract)
  • Elaboration of solutions studies for the connection of consumers to the medium and low voltage network for E Distribution District Dobrogea (framework contract)
  • Expertise and special measurements of transformation units from CNTEE TRANSELECTRICA SA management (finalized contract)
  • Transient Measurements at OMV Station Petrom Suplacu de Barcau and Expert Report (completed contract)
  • Transformation measurements at the Laromet Braşov plant and expert report (completed contract)
  • Photovoltaic system Sarulesti
  • Photovoltaic system Frumuşani


SC INOV ELECTRIC SRL is a non-concession distribution operator for the distribution network in Bucharest, Şos. Gheorghe Ionescu Siseşti nr. 225-245 sector 1.


Phone: +40 213 67 22 51

Fax: +40 37 28 71 078

Email Address: office@inov-electric.ro, i.ionescu@inov-electric.ro

Contact Address: Mun. Bucuresti, str. Povernei nr. 15-17, et. 2, ap. 3, sector 1

Here are submitted: connection requests, applications for the conclusion of distribution contracts and the accompanying documentation, user installation dossiers, other documentation:

Audience program: every Monday and Wednesday between 15-17: 30 with prior appointment.

Information on planned interruptions:


Specific regulatory framework:

  • Law on Electricity and Natural Gas no. 123/2012, as amended and supplemented;
  • ANRE Order no.59 / 2013 for the approval of the Regulation regarding the connection of the users to the public electricity networks, completed and modified by ANRE Order no. 63/2014;
  • Order of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy Sector no. 28/2010 for the approval of technical approvals; content framework;
  • Order of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy no 102/2015 for the approval of the Regulation on the establishment of the solutions for connecting the users to the public electricity networks;
  • Order of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy no. 25/2016 for the approval of the Methodology for the issuance of site approvals;
  • Technical Code of Electricity Distribution Networks Revision I, Order. ANRE no. 128/2008;
  • Order of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy and Energy no. 11 / 2016: Order on the Approval of the Performance Standard for the Electricity Distribution Service
  • Order of the National Energy Regulatory Authority no. 102 / 2015: Approval Order for the approval of the Tariff Pricing Methodology for the Operator Electricity Distribution Service, others decree the distribution operators of the concessionaires.
  • Order of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy Sector no. 114/2014: Order for the approval of the tariffs for issuing and updating the technical approvals for connection, the connection certificates and the location approvals

Distributor Operator Procedures:

Coding system for measuring points related to final customers connected to the distribution network in the operating area of SC INOV ELECTRIC SRL

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